Logitech's G533 Wireless Headphones Have Fantastic Sound Quality but are a Bit Too Bulky

Logitech's G533 Wireless Headphones Have Fantastic Sound Quality but are a Bit Too Bulky
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Logitech's G533 series Prodigy wireless gaming headset has the usual bells and whistles: the headstrap is adjustable, it comes with an adjustable external noise-cancelling microphone, Pro-G Audio Drivers, DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound, positional sound capabilities, lightweight materials, a wireless usb hub, and a 15-hour rechargeable battery. While Logitech have built the headset with the lightest materials possible while retaining the audio quality, the headset is still a bit cumbersome.

Part of that is the sheer size of it, the headset is pretty large, with over-ear headphones that take up about half of your face. Which can easily get to be uncomfortable. You also have to manually adjust the headset's sizing. While both ends of the set do extend, they don't do so smoothly when you pull the headphones over your head. I usually have to work them open myself with a tug or two. The fit of the headset over your ears is decently comfortable given the design, and they are far lighter than anything this size has a right to be.

The headset also has specific beeps to let you know when you've adjusted the volume up or down and if you've muted your mic. Which is helpful, but I still managed to accidentally mute myself in a raid. Granted, that's probably more of my own neglect than a failure in the headset's design.

The sound quality in these is fantastic, and there isn't much delay between speaking and having the mic transmit to your computer, so you won't have any latency issues on discord or a stream.

Logitech's G533 Wireless Headphones Have Fantastic Sound Quality but are a Bit Too Bulky

The mic itself is a bit of a weird case. For one, the mic is on the left side, and no, you can't switch it around. I personally prefer to have my mic on the right side of my face, but in the end, the switch didn't really change much. Adjusting the mic is troublesome. There's only one bit of the boom that can be adjusted, and it'll only let you move the mic closer or further away from your face. You can't change the height of the boom itself, you'll have to change the height of the headset itself to change that.

The microphone itself is fantastic. Sound comes in clear and it doesn't pick up background noise at all. Granted, the noise cancelling bits mean you'll have to stage whisper to be picked up.

Overall, my main gripe with the headset is mostly that it's large and doesn't fold well to store. It'll lay flat, or stay in the shape designed to fit around your head, and that's it. It doesn't fold inward to fit into a neat case or even a smaller bundle. You just get this:

The headset retails for $149.99 USD, and is a pretty fabulous bargain for the quality of what you're getting. So yeah, even the bulkiness and inability to store it in small places is absolutely worth the sound quality.

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