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Razer Reveals Brand New Barracuda Line Of Headsets
Razer revealed an awesome new line of gaming headsets this morning as they have introduced the brand new Barracuda set with multiple options Depending on what you need and how much you're willing to spend, you have a few choices in front of you The basic model is simply the Barracuda ($100) which gives you[...]
EPOS Reveals Limited Edition H6PRO & GSX 300 Premium Bundle
EPOS has revealed a new limited edition premium bundle as they have paired their H6PRO Gaming Headset with the GSX 300 External Soundcard This bundle was basically created to pair two of their best products currently available at a single price, enhancing your audio experience beyond whatever your PC's onboard capabilities may be They're currently[...]
SteeleSeries Reveals Arctis Nova Pro Series Gaming Headset
SteeleSeries unveiled a couple of new items this past week with the Arctis Nova Pro Series gaming headset and the Sonar Audio Software Suite First off, the headset is a top-to-bottom upgrade of their previous model as they have improved the audio quality, some of the hardware inside, the padding for the headband, the comfort[...]
CORSAIR Unveils New HS65 Surround Gaming Headset
CORSAIR dropped a brand new gaming headset onto the market this morning as they revealed the all-new HS65 Surround An upgrade from the previous incarnation of the HS65, this one has been stylized a little bit with an all-black or white design, featuring a lightweight aluminum-reinforced construction The bar no longer has padding as it[...]
EPOS Launches New H3PRO Hybrid Gaming Headset
EPOS revealed a new design and look to their H3PRO Hybrid gaming headset this week as they have it out in two new colors The two new looks that they have going are in Ghost White and Racing Green, the latter seen down below The headset itself is a slight improvement on the model as they[...]
SteelSeries Reveals Two New Gaming Headsets For The Steam Deck
SteelSeries has announced two gaming headsets that have been designed to work with the Steam Deck with the Arctis Prime and the Arctis 7+ Both of these headsets have already been a part of SteelSeries' lineup for a minute now, but with the additions of the USC-C port and 3.5mm jack on the portable console,[...]
Astro Gaming Reveals The A10 Gen 2 Wired Gaming Headset
Astro Gaming revealed a brand new addition to their line of headsets as they unveiled the A10 Gen 2 Wired Gaming Headset As you can see they've made a number of changes to the A10, which has basically been their pride and joy for years as it was a versatile gaming headset that could take[...]
SteelSeries Unveils New Arctis 7+ Wireless Gaming Headsets
SteelSeries unveiled two new designs in their wireless gaming headset line as they now have the Arctis 7+ and the Arctis 7P+ The team has worked to improve on their particular design while also bringing out the best in sound and audio for next-gen consoles and PC's A lot of what went into this line[...]
Victrix Pro Unveils New Gambit Gaming Controller & Headset
The Performance Designed Products (PDP) owned company has launched the Victrix Gambit Dual-Core Tournament Controller as well as the Victrix Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset today, both of them offering cutting-edge esports designs to make gaming easier and make you slightly more competitive against your opponents We have more info on both below, but if you're[...]
CORSAIR Reveals HS80 RGB Wireless Gaming Headset
CORSAIR revealed a brand new piece of gaming gear this morning with the announcement of the HS80 RGB Wireless Gaming Headset This one slightly improves on the previous model as they offer up gamers top wireless tech, a better and much more comfortable new design, durable construction, and a refined style We have the full[...]
Razer Launches Barracuda X Wireless Gaming Headset
Razer has a brand new gaming headset on the market as they have officially launched the Barracuda X Wireless Gaming Headset this morning The big thing that makes this headset super special is that it is multi-platform adaptable Meaning you can play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation with it, just simply by switching[...]
Razer Reveals New Lifestyle Wireless Gaming Headsets In The Opus X
Razer has unveiled a brand new line of lifestyle wireless gaming headsets this morning as they present the 2021 line of Opus X headsets These aren't built to be the end-all-be-all of gaming headsets like some of their other lines are, these are designed to be more casual and portable so you get the same[...]
CORSAIR Launches Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT Gaming Headset
CORSAIR has introduced a brand new gaming headset today as they've officially launched the Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT Marking a new addition into their flagship model of headsets, this one uses hyper-fast Slipstream Wireless and Bluetooth for simultaneous dual-wireless connections Along with high-fidelity USB and universal 3.5mm wired connection options for whatever you may need[...]
Audeze Highlights New Features Added To Penrose Gaming Headset
Audeze revealed this week a number of new additions and features that have been included on their Penrose gaming headset The company took a moment to release a new set of firmware updates (technically called version 0.1.10) adding QOL improvements and features including EQ change buttons, modified UI accessibility, mic/volume wheel adjustments, and more It's[...]
Razer Launches Their Ultra-Light Kraken V3 X Headset
Razer unveiled their latest gaming headset this week as they have an improvement on a current model with the Kraken V3 X Headset This particular model has been made lighter than the previous one and has been designed for prolonged use and improved comfort This one comes with upgraded audio drivers for enhanced immersion and[...]