Magic: The Gathering Graded Special Test Cards On Auction At Heritage

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Magic: The Gathering graded singles have blown up a ton these last few months. In the shop I run, it is by far the most requested product that, sadly, I cannot get my hands on. Quite a few collect the vintage cards for the art instead of the history behind the cards. Taking bids today at Heritage Auctions is a huge lot of graded cards, including these Special Print Pygmy Hippo and Mirrored Lotus. Fans must have been tipped about this one already; it is already sitting at a cool $525 for these Test Cards as of this writing. Check em out below.

Magic The Gathering Graded Special Print Cards On Auction At Heritage
Magic The Gathering Test Cards. Credit Heritage Auctions

Magic: The Gathering Test Cards Are Pretty Neat

"Magic: The Gathering Special Print Group Lot of 2 (Wizards of the Coast, 1996 and 2019) CGC Graded. Both cards are specially printed cards for Magic: The Gathering. The First is a Pygmy Hippo foil card that CGC notes as a "Test Print (Foil Border Exodus) Factory," graded in a CGC 8.5. The second is a Mirrored Lotus that is graded as a CGC 10. CGC notes "Mystery Booster (Test Card) Special." The Mirrored Lotus Test Card is a regular card that has a sticker of the Mirrored Lotus stuck on the front. This is common for test cards as these were used by playtesters to figure out if the card was worth releasing to the public."

These are pretty neat. While I have yet to dabble into the collectible Magic: The Gathering market myself, these would be the kind of cards that would entice me. For full details on these and to place a bid, head over here to Heritage Auctions. While you are there, check out all of the other collectible cards that are taking bids today, there is some pretty neat stuff to separate you from your money.

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