Magmar Community Day Review For Pokémon GO

Wow. Two six-hour Community Days in Pokémon GO in the span of seven days can make a month fly by. Just like that (picture me snapping), Magmar Community Day is over and most trainers who played will have a good amount of that fiery, hot pink bad boy. Let's take a look at this event and see how it matched up to previous Pokémon GO Community Days.

Magmar Community Day promo for Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Magmar Community Day promo for Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

So, the one thing that trainers were saying about Electabuzz Community Day last week was that Electabuzz's catch rate had not been altered, as catch rates normally are, to make it easier to catch in high volume. While I personally didn't call that out as a major negative in the review of the event, I understand how that could have been annoying to some trainers. That was not the case with Magmar Community Day in Pokémon GO. Despite needing a good, hardy chuck to hit the Pokémon with the ball Magmar's resistance to being caught had clearly been nerfed, with even Magmar in the high-1000s displaying a green circle when faced with no Berry and a Pokéball.

The bonus of 1/4 Egg hatch distance was the same as with Electabuzz last week. Normally, the same bonus two Community Days in a row might create a boring monotony to the events, but not here. This was perfect because Eggs are the way Magby was obtained during this event, just like with Elekid last week. Keeping 1/4 hatch distance was a perfect touch.

What made this Community Day even better than last week was the super, super buffed trade distance going on right now. During Electabuzz Community Day, the first round of expanded trade distance helped. Now, with the boost heightened to 50KM, friends from all over the same state (within reason) could trade Magmar back and forth until they obtained a Lucky Pokémon.

Finally, Magmar in general is a terrific Shiny. When it's an actually desirable Shiny, that always makes for an extra fun Community Day, and this was certainly one of those.

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