Mega Battle Event & Challenge Are Now Live In Pokémon GO

The Mega Battle Event is now live in Pokémon GO. It will run from today, Friday, September 11 at 8 AM until Thursday, September 17 at 10 PM. There is a lot more to this event than originally announced by Niantic, so read on to see Bleeding Cool's full catalog of the event spawns, the Mega Houndoom challenge, the research, and more.

Mega Battle Event and Challenge Are Now Live in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Mega Battle Event and Challenge Are Now Live in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Mega Battle Challenge

If trainers collectively complete 275 million battles during the Mega Battle Event, Mega Houndoom will be unlocked. This challenge may seem staggering, but it's easier than it seems. Rather than raids, by "battles" Niantic is referencing Gym battles, Team GO Rocket encounters, and trainer battles either through the GO Battle League or standard, friend-to-friend PVP. It is nearly a guarantee that this challenge will be completed and Mega Houndoom will be unlocked.


Ther are currently two Mega Battle Event-specific field research tasks in the wild, including:

  • Battle another trainer: 5 Mega Energy for either Blastoise, Charizard, or Venusaur
  • Catch five different Bug-type Pokémon: Ledyba encounter
  • Defeat a Team GO Rocket Grunt: 10 Mega Beedrill Energy
  • Mega Evolve a Beedrill: 10 Mega Beedril Energy

There is also another Mega Beedrill Timed Research, which will be reported on in its own spotlight piece from Bleeding Cool as we break it down step-by-step.

Mega Battle Event Spawns

Wild spawns for the event are focused on Bug-types, including the following:

  • Burmy (Shiny available)
  • Caterpie (Shiny available)
  • Dwebble (Shiny available)
  • Ledyba (Shiny available)
  • Kriketot
  • Paras
  • Pineco (Shiny available)
  • Pinsir (Shiny available)
  • Scyther (Shiny available)
  • Skorupi (Shiny available)
  • Spinarak
  • Venipede
  • Venonat (Shiny available)
  • Weedle (Shiny available)
  • Wurmple (Shiny available)

Ledyba is the new Shiny release for the event and will be featured as a common wild spawn. Skorupi spawning in the wild is also great news for trainers who missed out on this rare Pokémon during its previous spotlighted events.

Niantic announced that this event would also bring about a shift in Team GO Rocket's Shadow Pokémon but, as of writing this, timezones in which this event started have reported no changes. As new information comes in regarding the Mega Battle Event's promised Shadow shift, we will keep Pokémon GO trainers updated.

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