Minecraft Dungeons Receives Two New Specialty DLC Packs

Mojang launched a couple of new DLC packs into Minecraft Dungeons this week, one of them having a particular movie tie-in. The company has partnered up with Universal Games and Dreamworks to release a special How to Train Your Dragon DLC for the game, which adds characters and other objects from the movie franchise into the mix. They also released the new Hidden Depths DLC, which will bring about new areas to explore and a lot of new items for you to fight with and collect. You can read more about both of them below.

Now I can train a dragon in Minecraft Dungeons, kinda. Courtesy of Mojang.
Now I can train a dragon in Minecraft Dungeons, kinda. Courtesy of Mojang.

Dragon riders! Grab your shiniest shield and tighten your braids; this is not a drill! We're about to take off for the island of Berk – and all the islands in the Barbaric Archipelago – because the DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon DLC is here! There is no time to waste. We all need to pull together to get this blocky world of ours ready for Hiccup, Toothless and all the other beloved Vikings and dragons. The DLC is out now, so nail down everything that could break by the flick of a tail and get rid of anything flammable. Can lava catch on fire? Let's not take any chances; it has to go.

  • DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon DLC. Players can visit the amazing world of the Barbaric Archipelago and go on incredible adventures! Meet Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid, Stormfly, and the rest of the citizens of Berk as you explore both from the air and on foot.
  • Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths DLC. Making its splash into the game on Monday, May 26, Hidden Depths includes both free and paid content, such as new enchantments and levels, but also brand-new enemies called Raid Captains that will lurk around the corner ready to add a whole different experience to gameplay.

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