New Gameplay Video Helps You Learn More About The Last Of Us Part II

We're officially about a month out from The Last of Us Part II's release, and Naughty Dog and Sony are making sure we know everything we possibly can before we jump into the game. You can learn about some of the gameplay that will be featured by jumping into the latest promotional video the companies have released now as well.

Learn more about gameplay in The Last of Us Part 2 with a new explanatory video.
Learn more about gameplay in The Last of Us Part II with a new explanatory video.

The video shows off many of the ways you can control Ellie and make your way through the game. Ellie replaces the first game's Joel as the main playable character, and it's clear she's much smaller and weaker than her predecessor. That means she can't solely rely on brute force to keep her enemies down. That's why Naughty Dog has introduced quite a few options for you to rely on instead so you can make your way through the game at a decent clip.

For one thing, Ellie can go prone and still access her crafting materials, weapons, and use items while doing so. She can also shimmy into tight spaces to hide, which sounds extremely useful. You can also climb, alternatively, to jump onto ledges and get higher than enemies. It sounds like you'll have to come to grips with using verticality as well as getting into smaller spaces if you want to use Ellie's abilities the way they were intended.

The rest of the video shows off just some of what you can expect from the game in terms of new gameplay footage. It's not really anything new or mind-blowing, but there's enough there to show anyone who may not have been following the game thus far a look at what's coming up. It's definitely going to be a doozy. The Last of Us Part II is heading for release on PlayStation 4 on June 19.

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