Nintendo Shows Off Their Switch Box And What's Inside

The minds at Nintendo have to be having a lot of fun with their marketing department as the Switch is less than 10 days away from launch. Every day it seems we get a new little nugget from the team to make us excited for it, as if gamers aren't already drooling over the product and waiting patiently for next Friday to come. Today we got an extra-sweet treat from the company as they revealed an unboxing of the Switch and all if it's contents!


The hosts of Nintendo Minute give us an 11-minute video showing off everything you'll be able to buy on March 3. The pair goes over the design of the box, the hardware, show off all the features on the side and the joy controllers. The open up the dock to show you what kind of features it has, the controller for you to hook the joy pieces onto, wrist straps (ala the Wii) for both sides, and the cables. Unfortunately, it does confirm what people had been hoping wasn't the case, and that is there are no games that come with the Switch. So no happy surprises for those just buying the console alone, you'll need to buy games at launch as well. You can see the full video below.

In related Switch news, all of those un-boxing videos we saw last week were from stolen consoles, purchases will be tied to your account, we know how the launch titles' file sizes, and we might get some 2D Zelda games ported over.

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