Nintendo's Next Indie World Showcase Happens April 14th

Nintendo announced today that they will be bringing their next Indie World Showcase to the masses on April 14th. If you're not already familiar with the concept, this is essentially like their Nintendo Direct feeds, only this one is squarely focused on indie game and developer content coming to the Switch. The show is expected to go about 20 minutes, which in that time they'll most likely run through a long list of titles that are on the way, some of which you're probably already familiar with. These are usually a pretty good way to gauge where Nintendo is planning to take things over the next few months to the end of the year, depending on how they decide to structure the show.

A new Indie World Showcase arrives on April 14th at 9am PT! Courtesy of Nintendo.
A new Indie World Showcase arrives on April 14th at 9am PT! Courtesy of Nintendo.

Getting to the nitty-gritty of it all, there's no clear indication of what's on the way. We could sit here and speculate for a few hours about all the games that have popped up in the past six months and assume there's a Switch version on the way, and probably get about half of them right. But Nintendo has been weird about who they decide to work with and what gets added to the eShop from independent developers. If you want an example of the weird, you can see this video from G4 featuring Goldenboy in which he explores some of the oddities that currently reside there. With any luck, we'll see some really awesome games come down the pipeline that will make for an interesting 2021 on the console. Or at the very least we'll have something fun to talk about. For those interested in watching livestream, you can do it at this website or on Nintendo's official Youtube channel. And we'll be here to recap what was shown on the stream shortly after.

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