Noblechairs' ICON Series Is 100% Cat-Approved

Noblechairs' ICON Series Is 100% Cat-Approved

I got the chance to review one of noblechairs ICON Series game chairs, but it was my cat who loved it. It has become his chair, and all who sit in it become his property. My mother found that out a week or so back, and was not pleased about it, though I can't imagine why she'd protest to immediately having a cat in her lap once she sat down.

I have so many photos of my cat on this chair, it is frankly ridiculous. He even spins on it. In fact, he will specifically jump on the chair to let it spin around so he can menace his siblings from above. He sits on the chair, sleeps on it, curls up with the lumbar pillow, he even tries to chew on the arm rests. And to the credit of Noblechairs, the chair has stood up desipte some serious cat abuse. It has no scratch marks on it from him launching himself onto and off of the chair, is resistant to collecting cat hair, and hasn't managed to be chewed into submission.

Noblechairs' ICON Series Is 100% Cat-Approved

So if you need a gaming chair that will withstand your nightmare cat, I can recommend no chair more than the Icon series.

If, on the other hand, you're just looking for a good gaming chair, I have quite a bit more to say.

Noblechairs' ICON Series Is 100% Cat-Approved

While my cat loves this chair more than all other chairs in existence, there are some good and bad points to the Icon series. It has a nearly absurd amount of customization features, including the ability to determine how much it rocks, hydraulic lift, lumbar support, and even the ability to adjust the armrests in four dimensions. While some of that armrest customization seems a bit too extreme (do you really need to adjust the tilt on them?), the rest of it is awesome. The rock settings are glorious and allow you to kick back in your chair a full 11º.

The one thing this chair really can't do, is go low enough for my short, stubby legs. I'm all of 5-foot-nothing which means I'm too short for most chairs. And despite the ICON's best efforts, at its lowest position it is still too high for my feet to rest comfortably on anything. In fact, they're just hanging in mid-air like I'm back in pre-school.

Noblechairs' ICON Series Is 100% Cat-Approved

Which means I can't quite sit in this chair for 8-hour gaming marathons no matter how hard I try. But if you have even a few inches on me, the chair is pretty freaking comfortable and will adjust to suit your needs in just about every imaginable capacity.

The other thing that irks me about the chair is the lumbar pillow. While its a nice pillow, the directions state that there are straps that will hold the lumbar pillow in place. Which is fantastic.

However, my lumbar pillow has no straps at all. And so I find this part of the assembly directions to be a lie. A filthy, filthy lie. And I'm kind of sad about it. I thought it might be a manufacturing defect, but there isn't anywhere on the pillow that looks like it would fit a set of straps, and indeed there are no straps wedged into the cover somewhere.

Noblechairs' ICON Series Is 100% Cat-Approved

But if you can get past those two minor issues, the ICON series is a fantastic gaming chair. You can customize it to the point where it is the absolute perfect fit for you, and your butt will never be happier. And it will survive some serious use, which is fantastic. It comes in both real leather and PU Imitation leather, which looks and feels almost like real leather.

And unlike some game chairs, the ICON series actually looks like a normal piece of furniture. Mine fits in well with the modern aesthetic the rest of my apartment is furnished in, which is a nice bonus. I get to use my fancy gaming chair as a regular old chair when I have extra guests over without tipping anyone off to the fact that they're in a well-engineered gamer throne.

However, if you're short and have trouble with your lumbar spine, well. Maybe your cat will love this chair. In any case, my cat will love your chair, and then he will love you. Because he loves anyone at all more than me.

Except when I'm in this chair. Then we're okay.

Noblechairs' ICON Series Is 100% Cat-Approved

UPDATED: The chair's assembly instructions have been edited to reflect the lack of straps on the lumbar pillow, and you can order a chair with a smaller hydraulic lift if you're on the short side, like I am.

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