NumotTheNummy and Hunter Pence to Host Magic: The Gathering Stream

Magic: The Gathering pro player Kenji 'NumotTheNummy' Egashira and the Texas Rangers Outfielder Hunter Pence are going to be hosting the next official MTG livestream on Twitch. According to TSM, the esports outfit that's putting on the stream, Pence is an avid fan of MTG.

The media alert reads in full:

Kenji 'NumotTheNummy' Egashira (@NumotTheNummy), one of the highest profile Magic: The Gathering professional players in the world, and Major League Baseball star Hunter Pence (@hunterpence) of the Texas Rangers have a shared passion for MTG. Now these two pros are teaming up for an epic live stream on MTG's Twitch channel.


Tuesday May 28, 2019

11:30 AM PT // 2:30 PM ET


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While a lot of pro-sports and esports crossover events do well, I'm not exactly certain who this stream is targeting. I don't know a lot of MTG fans who also baseball, but there's gotta be someone. TSM is the esports organization that manages NumotTheNummy, so their involvement does make sense. Pence is absolutely the wildcard here.

We're not sure what the stream will consist of, but we have a guess that it'll likely include Magic: The Gathering and it's recent War of the Spark expansion. We're sure the two will end up playing a few rounds of MTG while they're on stream, but you have to wonder if there isn't a deeper reason for this one.

Which means you'll want to catch the stream later today.

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