Persona 4 Golden Is Coming To PC For The First Time Ever

Persona is finally making its way to PC – at least partially. Persona 4 Golden is the first of the bunch, with hopefully a bushel of additional releases from the series (and Shin Megami Tensei) to follow. Announced during the digital PC Gaming Show, Persona 4 Golden is the first game of the series to be released on a platform that isn't related to PlayStation.

Persona 4 Golden is coming to PC, courtesy of Atlus.
Persona 4 Golden is coming to PC, courtesy of Atlus.

The game has been updated with great-looking visual enhancements and what appears to be upscaling, with an uncapped frame rate for those who like to tweak with their PC game settings. It's in full HD with support for both Steam Achievements and Trading Cards. You can also choose between both the English and Japanese voiceovers to play with the cast that you prefer most. You can buy the game right now for $19.99 via Steam or grab the Digital Deluxe Edition for $24.99, which includes the PC download, digital art book, and digital soundtrack for 9 tracks.

Persona 4 Golden takes place in the rural town of Inaba. Your character has just moved from the big city to live with his new caretaker, Detective Dojima and his daughter Nanako. A murder occurs not long after you move there. There are rumors swirling around about a special television station known as the "Midnight Channel."

The "channel" is a TV that needs to be viewed at midnight when it's raining. It's soon revealed that there is a world inside the TV, which is likely somehow related to the string of bizarre murders that are occurring around the small town, and you've got to get to the bottom of things before more people reach an unfortunate end. This is great news for fans of the series and RPG enthusiasts alike. Here's hoping the rest of the series eventually makes it to PC.

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