Pokémon GO Sinnoh Celebration 2021 Event Review

Tomorrow night, the Sinnoh Celebration Event will wrap up in Pokémon GO. This is the second of a series of region-themed weeks leading up to the Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto in February, a ticketed event that seeks to recreate the experience of the original games as a Special Research. Let's see if this Generation Four-themed event was worth the hype.

Sinnoh promo in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Sinnoh promo in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

What Worked in This Pokémon GO Event

Gible in raids. Gible in raids. You know Gible? Yeah, that Pokémon, in raids. Gible? In… raids? Gible in raids.

Seriously, while these raids were unfortunately rare compared to the very annoying presence of starters in Tier Ones, it felt great to actually want to battle in any raid for the first time since November 2020 when the Lake Trio was here. To say that the raid rotation has been dismal for a long time is an understatement, and Gible definitely helped make raiding interesting again. When it comes to the Legendary raids, Heatran was a bad choice for a feature, but hey… Gible was in raids.

As far as the spawns go, Buizel worked as a Shiny release and we were given a fair shot at hunting Skorupi, which was far more common during this event than previous times it had been featured.

What Didn't Work in This Pokémon GO Event

Where in the world was Riolu? It was nice having Bonsly back in eggs, but the lack of Riolu in the event Egg Pool felt stingy. On top of this, shorter events like this don't give enough time to really crack a lot of eggs, so it was unfortunate that the event hatches were in 5KM eggs rather than 7KM Gift eggs as they had been in the past. Putting event hatches in the 7KMs gives Pokémon GO trainers more control over what they want to hatch rather than hitting stops when they have a free space in their egg inventory and crossing their fingers that they get a 5KM egg.


Stronger than the Unova event and already set to be stronger than next week's Hoenn Celebration, with its lack of a Shiny release for some reason that will likely baffle the minds of anyone who plays this game, the Sinnoh Celebration was another fun but flawed week of Pokémon GO gameplay.

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