Pokémon GO Theory: Dates For Alolan Legendary Reveals?

Niantic was mysterious about the future of Tier Five raids in the latest Pokémon GO monthly announcement. These announcements normally cover the entire month of Tier Five raid content, but the rotation at the end of the month following a stint of Therian Forme Tornadus (notably with a Shiny release) has been left unrevealed. However, if you journey to a different article on the Pokémon GO blog, it appears there may be a hint as to when we may get the next Alolan Legendary Pokémon. Let's get into the details.

Pokémon GO Season of Alola graphic. Credit: Niantic
Pokémon GO Season of Alola graphic. Credit: Niantic

If you check out the Season of Alola article on the Pokémon GO blog, you will see a section dedicated to five Special Research questlines that we will receive throughout the season. We received the first at the launch of the season with the Tapu Koko-themed Melemele Island Special Research. The blog pegs March 22nd as the next time that we get Season of Alola research… and guess what day Therian Forme Tornadus leaves raids? March 22nd.

I'm thinking that we will likely see the Guardian Deities on the dates listed above. My theory is:

  • March 22nd: Tapu Lele
  • April 12th: Tapu Bulu
  • May 10th: Tapu Fini
  • May 25th: All four Guardian Deities at once

Only time will tell how accurate this theory will be. There will likely be raid rotations sprinkled between these with what I would guess would be Shiny releases for Therian Forme Thundurus and Landorus between Tapu Lele and Tapu Bulu and then Tapu Bulu and Tapu Fini.

Interestingly, the blog also notes the following:

Throughout the Season, you'll be able to complete different Special Research lines to learn about each of the islands in Alola. These Special Research lines will be available to collect until the Season ends on June 1! If you complete them by June 1, 2022, you'll unlock a bonus Special Research line at the end of the Season!

Trainers who obtain the end-of-Season Special Research by completing the four Special Research lines will be able to purchase the ticket in the shop for more rewards. Tickets for the end-of-Season research will also be available in the shop to purchase for US$4.99 (or the equivalent pricing tier in your local currency).

This end-of-season Research seems substantial. Could it be a way to obtain Cosmog, a Legendary that can evolve?

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