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No, Pokémon GO Isn’t “Skipping” The Alola Region
"Alola be like: Am I a joke to you?" It wasn't just memes, though A large portion of the fan base as well as actual content creators believe that this event confirms that Niantic is "skipping" Generation Seven and the Alola region to focus on Generation Eight and Galar However, there is already information to[...]
Zavvi Introduces Alola-Inspired Pokémon Summer Collection
Zavvi is harkening back to the Sun & Moon era with this Alolan-based clothing range, which captures that summer vibe perfectly Alola is based heavily on Hawaii as both a region and certainly the style of the generation's newly introduced trainers, so let's take a look at how Zavvi have brought that vibe over into the[...]
All of the Flower Crowns in This Weekend’s Pokémon GO Event
Yesterday, the Pokémon TCG released the second First Partner Pack. This one focuses on the starters of the Alola region, including the Grass-type Rowlet, the Fire-type Litten, and the Water-type Popplio Let's crack open a pack and see if this unique product is worth buying monthly as the Pokémon TCG continues to count down through the generations. First Partner Pack:[...]
Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious #1 Review:
You make know it as "Tree." Or, perhaps, "Tall Boy." This Pokémon, which seems designed as if to trigger a "How's the weather up there?" joke from local dads, is Alolan Exeggutor, and it's neck-and-neck with Absol for being the currently most popular Tier Three raid When ranking the strongest Grass-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO, the[...]
Vote Charmander: Pokémon Community Day Poll Part 1
It has no third-stage evolution, but it does have a variant form: Alolan Grimer, and Alolan Muk, both of which are Poison/Dark-type If it wins the vote, both forms would receive the exclusive Charged Attack of Fire Punch, which is a Fire-type attack Muk is already useful in the GO Battle League, and this is[...]
Alolan Marowak and More Unlocked For Pokémon GO Fest 2020
In a major update, Niantic confirmed the inclusion of Alolan Marowak for the first time in the wild in the game's history, and more. GO Fest 2020 promo art Credit: Niantic. Niantic took to Twitter to announce that the first week of spawns have thus far been unlocked after trainers successfully completed the GO Fest Skill Challenge: Whoa![...]
Alolan Versions of Diglett and Geodude Are Coming to Pokémon GO
The news came as the company released a new bit of info yesterday for Professor Willow's Global Challenge, it was revealed near the bottom of the list about a couple new Pokémon on the way, which officially revealed that Alola Diglett and Alola Geodude will be coming to the game and be available worldwide starting at the[...]