Pokémon Masters EX Adds Galar-Region Pair of Gloria & Zacian

DeNA Co., Ltd. has released some major news today for Pokémon Masters EX. The trainer Gloria and her Legendary Pokémon Zacian, known by Pokémon lovers from the main series games Pokémon Sword and Shield, can now be added to players' teams as a sync pair in Masters EX. This marks the first time that a trainer and Pokémon pair from the Galar region, which introduced Generation Eight, wil be included in Pokémon Masters EX. In addition to this, DeNA Co., Ltd. went on to announce upcoming events. Let's get into it.

Gloria and Zacian image. Credit: Pokémon Masters EX
Gloria and Zacian image. Credit: Pokémon Masters EX

In an official press release, made in partnership with the Pokémon Company International, DeNA Co., LLtd. announced:

New Sync Pair Spotlight Scout! Players can add the Steel-type sync pair of Gloria & Zacian via the sync pair spotlight scout, available now until December 20 at 9:59 p.m. Pacific time. This sync pair can deploy moves like Behemoth Blade, an extremely powerful attack that consumes four out of a possible six units of the move gauge. Savvy players can strategize by using this resource-intensive move in conjunction with Move Gauge Boost, which replenishes the move gauge.

In addition to their press release, DeNA Co., LLtd. posted a video focused on these new additions on their official Pokémon Masters EX YouTube channel.

Battle Buffet Bash promo image. Credit: Pokémon Masters EX
Battle Buffet Bash promo image. Credit: Pokémon Masters EX

They went on to announce an event, the Battle Buffet Bash, which is now live in Pokémon Masters EX. It will allow payers to earn Prestige Points:

Introducing "Battle Buffet Bash." Players will also be able to interact with Gloria & Zacian in an in-game event titled "Battle Buffet Bash," where they'll engage in Pokémon battles at this culinary-themed festival on Pasio. In this event, players can earn in-game rewards and Prestige Points for completing battles. Players that earn over 100,000 Prestige Points during the event period, available now until December 6 at 9:59 p.m. Pacific time, will be entered in a ranking with other players around the world, with in-game rewards distributed according to player rank.

Finally, a 3000 Gem Log-in Bonus was announced for Pokémon Masters EX to celebrate the addition of Gloria and Zacian. All players have to do is… well, log-in. Once they do, they will receive a free gift of 3000 Gems from now until December 20th at 9:59 PM Pacific. Also, there will be a separate "Make Way for Gloria Log-In Bonus", from now until the same time which will, per the press release, "reward players that log-in to the game daily with up to 120 5★ Scout Tickets, enough to guarantee that players can add up to four 5★ sync pairs to their teams."

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