"Pokémon" Play! 2020 Season Canceled Due To Coronavirus

The Pokémon Company has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Play! Pokémon competitive leagues in an effort to quell the spread of coronavirus.

Credit: The Pokémon Company

Originally, both the Pokémon competitive World Championships and North American International Championship matches were supposed to take place in London this August and Columbus, OH in June, respectively. Now both events have simply been canceled, and all matches have been suspended indefinitely. The official Play Pokémon Twitter account posted a statement on the situation with a lengthy explanation of what was being canceled and what was going on.

"The safety and well-being of our competitors, organizers, employees, local communities, and partners continue to be our top priority and is the primary consideration with every decision we make." The statement went on to advise that no points would summarily be awarded throughout the rest of the season. They'll all simply roll over to the next season of Play! Pokémon in 2021. Obviously, this was a decision that wasn't taken lightly, and will end up being an important one when it comes to the practice of social distancing.

"We hope that the spirit of friendship and community that are the hallmarks of our amazing fans and these events continue during this challenging time, and that you take care of yourselves and of each other. We can't wait to see you and celebrate with you again."

Unfortunately, it looks like the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage ahead, so there's no clear indication as to when we'll be rid of it in the near future. But at least we have next year's Pokémon event to look forward to, from card games to video game challenges. Are you upset by this turn of events? Will you be hoping to participate in the next competitive event when you're able?

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