Pokémon TCG – Chilling Reign Product Review: 1 & 3 Pack Blisters

Yesterday, the Pokémon TCG released a wave of new products to coincide with the debut of their new set, Sword & Shield – Chilling Reign. Today, I'll open up each of these new items to let fellow collectors know what to expect. This time, we're looking at four different blister packs, each of which comes with a promo card from the ongoing Sword & Shield Black Star Promos set.

Chilling Reign blister packs. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Chilling Reign blister packs. Credit: Pokémon TCG

The Promos

There are currently four different blister packs available for Chilling Reign. In the three-pack blisters, you can find Snorlax or Eevee promos, while the one-pack checklane blisters offer Morpeko or Phanpy promos. After visiting multiple stores, I was able to find the three-packs in every location including both big box retailers and specialty game stores, but no locations had the checklanes. We can still assess those, though, because the promos are readily available to see.

Overall, these blister promos are what make these worth getting. The best of them is the Eevee, which seems to hint at the forthcoming Evolving Skies as a panicking Eevee dodges attacks coming from far above. The Snorlax is the least interesting of them all, with the card showing the Pokémon doing some martial arts training, which has been an ongoing motif in the artwork starting with Battles Styles and running through Chilling Reign. Second best is the Morpeko, which is a spiritual successor to the two food-themed Morpeko cards in Shining Fates. Here, Morpeko is aghast that his food as been eaten while, in the background, a pair of Nickit walk away licking their lips as a Gossifleur watches. It's a very cute scene with strong artwork that tells a story. Finally, the Phanpy promo is more simple, with Phanpy leaping over a realistic, nicely illustrated background. Overall, a strong offering. It's nice, too, that these holographic promos continue the classic cosmos holo style even as the main sets currently use a different style.

The Pokémon TCG Packs

The booster packs in all of these are all Chilling Reign. These are unlike tins or boxes, which offer a mix.


I suggest picking up one of each of these, but not doubling up. When it comes down to it, you'll likely be able to find the equivalent number of booster packs for less than you'd pay for the blister pack, so the real reason to go after these is the excellent promos.

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