Prep Guide For Snivy Community Day In Pokémon GO

Snivy Community Day is happening this Sunday, April 11th from 11 AM – 5 PM in Pokémon GO. It's advisable for trainers to begin preparing for this event ahead of time, so here are our tips to ready yourself, your storage, and your Item Bag in Pokémon GO before the day begins.

Snivy Community Day image in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Snivy Community Day image in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Our tips for Snivy Community Day in Pokémon GO are:

  • Storage cleanse: We're going to have (to our knowledge), no events happening in Pokémon GO between now and Community Day. Take this opportunity to transfer Pokémon you don't plan on keeping, especially if your storage is maxed out. It's always a bummer to have to stop and address storage issues while actively playing an event, especially Community Day, so trimming the fat now, while there is no rush to take advantage of event spawns, is a great use of your time leading up to Community Day.
  • Item Bag purge: You're going to want to spin stops to get as many Poké Balls and Ultra Balls as possible. Keep Golden Razz Berries and Pinap Berries as well. Berries are generally the easiest resource to re-up on, so don't be shy in culling your Razz and Nanab Berries. Rather than delete them, though, my tip is to travel to friendly gyms and feed Pokémon to maximize on the Stardust and Candies you can accrue.
  • Trading partner: It's customary to end up trading a Community Day Pokémon back and forth with another trainer in hopes to get Luckies. Plan ahead and partner up with someone to ensure you'll be able to trade with them before the cut-off that will allow you to still get Frenzy Plant onto your evolved Serperiors.
  • Bonus prep: The event's bonus is triple catch Stardust, which is one of the most useful in the game. Be sure you have enough Star Pieces to last the entire time playing to dramatically increase the amount of Dust you're able to earn while playing.

Best of luck, fellow Pokémon GO players!

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