Resident Evil 8: Village Still Looks Appropriately Creepy

Resident Evil 8: Village looked like a terrifying specimen when we first learned of its existence. Now, a second look at the game from Capcom during the PlayStation 5 showcase has revealed a bit more about it, and it's still very obvious that it's going to be a good way to chill yourself to the bone. It's time to take a trip to the zombie apocalypse with this continuation of Resident Evil 7, and it keeps looking better and better.

Resident Evil 8: Village is going to creep us out when it finally releases.
Resident Evil 8: Village is going to creep us out when it finally releases.

Just in case you forgot (we last saw the game in July), this installment is a first-person take on Resident Evil that follows protagonist Ethan Winters as he works to survive an outbreak that looks even worse than last time. The new trailer is largely a reiteration of the creepy snowy areas and abominations we first saw when the game was announced, but there's a fun Easter egg at the end of the new trailer: a character that resembles the popular Merchant from Resident Evil 4! It probably isn't – but the pair could somehow be related, nevertheless.

Perhaps more shocking than that is the reveal we saw during the game's first trailer. We saw Chris Redfield putting a bullet in what appeared to be Ethan Winters' wife Mia. What was going on there? We're still not sure, but it'll be nice to see what ends up going on with her. She was an important pillar of the first game, after all. Can't wait to see how things shake out? Resident Evil 8: Village is set to debut in 2021. Until then, there are plenty of other entries in the survival horror series to play, and an upcoming Netflix series on top of that. Lots for fans to be excited about in the coming months.

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