Riot Game Announces Tactical FPS "Project A"

Riot Game Announces Tactical FPS "Project A"
Credit: Riot Games

League of Legends developer Riot Games is hard at work on a new character-based tactical shooter.

The new game, dubbed Project A, is set to be a competitive shooter set on Earth, not too far in the future, with a cast of characters imbued with their own unique abilities.

"Just like League, we're in this for years and years to come," said executive producer Anna Donlon of Project A. "With Project A, we're staying true to the high consequence gameplay of tactical shooters. But we want to evolve the space. We want a tactical shooter with more creativity, more expression, and a lot more style. In Project A, your abilities create amazing tactical opportunities for your gunplay to shine." She noted there's a "crew of veteran developers hard at work on it."

"But it's not enough to have the right team," she continued. "We also need to solve the right problems. But what does that really mean? Well, we're all tired of seeing our bullets not register because of low server tick rates. We keep hearing buzzwords like dedicated servers, but almost nothing about low ping or how the game plans to fight peekers advantage. But with Project A, we're going big on things like global infrastructure and netcode designed to go to war on peekers advantage. You'll hear more technical details as we get closer to launch, but just know, we know these are critical things to get right."

Beyond the brief glimpse of Project A and Donlon's vision for the game, that's about all we know about it so far. The team is "going heads down" on it for a while, but it looks like additional announcements should be coming down the pipeline sometime in 2020. We'll be keeping an eye out for them.

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