Save the World Instead of Infecting It With "Plague Inc.'s" New Update

Credit: Ndemic Creations

Ever wanted to slow the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, at least, in a video game? Ndemic Creations, developers of the popular game Plague Inc., are aiming to let you do something jus like that with an upcoming update to the game.

The team just donated $250k to CEPI and WHO in the name of helping out with COVID-19 research, and they're also working on a new mode to help players save the world instead of ruining it with disease.

That sounds pretty hopeful, right? It's certainly a far cry from what the game is typically known for, though it's a very popular title that's been out since 2012. Not only is it a helpful tool when it comes to educating people on how diseases spread, but it's an entertaining game as well.

With this update, hopefully it'll offer an easy way for people to have a little more positivity in these difficult times while still having fun with their favorite game.

Be sure to let us know if you plan on trying out this new update to see about saving the world instead of absolutely wrecking it.

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