Secretlab Launches The New Magnus Metal Desk

Secretlab dropped a new product reveal this week as they are branching out their brand with the new Magnus Metal Desk. This is going to be a must-own for a lot of gamers as it is essentially a simplified gaming desk with a lot of little tricks to it that we've seen in other designs all mixed into one unit. First, you have a back panel for cable management leading out to wherever the power source may be. You could magnetic attachments to help with that for charging cables and cords along the legs, as well as a magnetic headphone rest you can attach to the front. The desk can also be raised and lowered manually while staying even and working with whatever height your chair and the armrests may be at any given point. We have more info on its design for you here along with videos and images from the team. You can get a 47" desk for $400 and a 59" for $450.

Secretlab Launches The New Magnus Metal Desk
Credit: Secretlab

Engineered from the ground up in the design lab at our Singapore headquarters, the Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk is built to meet the needs of the most discerning gamers, creators, and professionals. Together with the award-winning 2020 Series chairs, the Secretlab Magnus rounds out a world-class productivity setup, allowing users to effectively level up their work and play. Timeless and modern, every element of the Secretlab Magnus' design — from its cable management tools to the thinness of its table top — has been optimized for ease of use and peak performance. Lengths of 1.2m (47") and 1.5m (59") are available1. Pick the size that best fits your workspace, along with your very own Secretlab MAGPADTM, the world's first magnetic leatherette desk mat.

Add a unique twist to your desk with an interchangeable, magnetic desk mat, crafted from plush and durable leatherette. Engineered for an incredible feel against your skin, the Secretab MAGPADTM Signature Stealth mat is finished with durable double-line stitching in red and topped off with logo embroidery in gold. Capped with metal sleeves and featuring a full-coverage magnetized bottom, the desk mat will stay securely in place throughout the workday or your all-night gaming session. Choose from a range of Secretlab's Signature designs or celebrate your favorite Secretlab collaboration with the Special Edition mats.

Manage, hide, and store your cables with a specially fabricated cable management tray, tastefully concealed by an easy-access rear hinged cover. Magnetic cable anchors, fastening straps, and custom- cut cable sheaths for the table legs make it easy to route and organize the cords on your desk, or run cables from your PC along each leg and hide them.

Make your workspace work for you with a proprietary ecosystem of modular, magnetic accessories, designed exclusively for the Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk. Intuitive, secure, and oh-so-satisfying to use, magnets keep everything exactly where you want them. Stay organized with purpose-built hangers and anchors for your headphones, cables and more, then put the finishing touches on your setup with the Secretlab MAGRGBTM Diffused RGB LED Strips, featuring 96 individual LEDs per meter for brilliant and seamless ambient lighting.

Thoughtful design. Meticulous attention to detail. Backed by years of research into performance ergonomics, even the tiniest design detail on the Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk has been carefully considered and shaped by the way you would use it. Built with maximum efficiency and productivity in mind, it is designed to work even better with your Secretlab chair. With a thinly-milled front edge, easily slide your Secretlab chair under and bring the armrests to the same level as your work surface so you can take the strain off your wrists and elbows.

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