Sonic Mania Has Sold Over a Million Copies

Sonic Mania has sold over a million copies worldwide, according to a new report.

sonic mania

Sonic Mania was a big deal for the franchise. The Sonic games for the last decade or so, (with a few exceptions) haven't really been critical smash hits. While there is a community that appreciates them, the move of Sonic into the 3D space has been troubled on a broader scale. Even last year, Sonic Forces proved that there was still some way in nailing the formula for anything other than hardcore fans.

However, 2017 was still a very important year for Sonic as it also saw the release of Sonic Mania. Taking the series back to the old-school glory days, the nostalgia trip proved popular and gave the franchise one of the biggest wins of the last few years. It's an absolute celebration of the glory days, and it's done extremely well for itself on the market too. According to Famitsu, the game has sold over a million copies on all platforms. That's a huge number for a game this size.

The question now is, what does the future of Sonic look like? Can we expect emphasis still to be put on the 3D games, or will most resources shift to 2D platforming, or will we get a split right down the middle? Whatever the case, the future of Sonic is certainly looking brighter with the success of Sonic Mania now in the rear view window. Here's hoping SEGA can keep that momentum going, one way or the other.

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