Sony Projected a Massive God of War Trailer on the Court at an Oakland Game Last Night

God of War

Spectators during an NBA game in Oakland last night were treated to an unexpected display: a new God of War trailer was projected straight onto the court, which gave the whole stadium's no real choice but to watch it. This seems like a bit of a strange venue for a God of War trailer, and we do have to wonder why Sony decided to project the trailer at the game, though the Oakland stadium is not far from Sony's Santa Monica studio.

That said, with the large size of the court, we got a pretty neat trailer thanks to the wide, top-down view of Kratos and Atreus fighting off foes. You can take a look at the whole thing below:

This isn't the only marketing stunt from Sony to advertise God of War. Earlier this month, Sony released a God of War text adventure on Facebook's messenger application that digs into Atreus' past.

God of War releases on April 20 for PlayStation 4. Click the banner below to peruse through all the coverage we did for Game Informer's February cover story. Sony has already confirmed that God of War will not feature a season pass, but it might be heading into Egyptian and Mayan mythologies in the future.

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