Square Enix Has Released A Survey For The Dissidia NT Beta

Square Enix Has Released A Survey For The Dissidia NT Beta
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While the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT closed beta test has been over for something like six weeks now, participants may have noticed a survey dropping into their email this past week. While the survey itself has the usual classification questions at the start – name, age, gender – it also asks for player feedback on the game balance, the tagline, description, and even its faithfulness as a Final Fantasy game. And while the survey does ask if you've pre-ordered the game, and ends with a link to pre-order it from the Square Enix store, you do have to wonder why the survey is just hitting players now.

If you took part in the beta and didn't get a survey emailed to you on Thursday, you can pick it up here. Those who didn't take part in the beta will be re-directed after choosing "no" to the question asking if you participated in the beta. Naturally.

While I found the game to be "bizarre and perfect," many would find the game challenging, frustrating, and absolutely weird. And the survey indeed gives you the chance to explain, at least in a few sentences or less. Dissidia NT doesn't play like your usual fighter, because it really isn't a fighting game. It's more of an RTS with fantasy elements. As the game is developed in partnership between Koei Tecmo Games and Team Ninja, the comparisons to Dynasty Warriors is pretty much unavoidable, and those are the closest analogues to Dissidia I can give you.

And that may have led to many players being unprepared for the closed beta. As the beta only ran for a few days, there wasn't a whole lot of time to learn the mechanics, and very little in game to help you learn your way. While the HUD has been updated since the beta based on the footage of the game during Tokyo Game Show, its likely that the survey has been put out now to gauge reactions – after people have already had time to give some feedback.

Since the game is set to launch in January of 2018, putting out a survey now asking about core gameplay makes me think things didn't go as well as Square planned. Which means we'll likely see the game be delayed a bit.

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