Star Wars LEGO Ahch-To Island Set is Here, With Porgs!

Star Wars LEGO® sets for the first part of 2018 have begun to hit stores, and today we are going to take a look at set 75200, Ahch-To Island Training set. One of the mid-range sets from the new batch, this one piqued my interest immediately because of the mini-figs included. Luke Skywalker, Rey, and a Porg all in one set are enough to get me to spend my money.

Look at how tiny and cute the LEGO Porgs are! There should probably be 2-3 of them in with the set, especially since in the film you see them in packs. My set had a ton of extra pieces in the box, they probably could have added the six extra pieces to give us at least one more. Oh well, I am happy with at least the one. The other two mini-figs are awesome. Since they switched to fabric capes for the Jedi and such, they have been so much better. Luke looks perfect, this is now my favorite LEGO version of him. Rey Looks great as well, they did a fantastic job on the triple braid in her hair. So, fig-wise this is a great set right off the bat.

As far as the island build and Luke's hut go: it is a mixed bag. the lower part and inside of the hut with its fun Force power walls and such are pretty cool. I love the little fish for the bucket and the little touches with the sink. Now that we have seen the film, I wish the door was not just a fabric curtain, but it is not a deal-breaker. The real problem is when you attach the roof. It does not attach very well, and comes off pretty much just by touching it. That was very disappointing.

The outside elements are ok. The fire pit and sitting area is kind of cool, but I am not a fan of the boulder that "slices in half when spinning Rey with the lightsaber. The Jedi tree would have been a way cooler choice, but because these are planned so far in advance I understand why they did this.

Overall, I am happy to have any set from Ahch-To I can get my hands on. I only wish they had waited until the film was out to nail some of the details perfectly and could have included things people would have considered Star Wars The Last Jedi spoilers. For $29.99 though, it is a quick build (it only took me 20 minutes) and only has three mini-figs if you include the one Porg. If you really want the LEGO Luke, than this is your only option. If this was $19.99-$24.99 it would be fine. $30 is just a bit much to me.

If you would like your own LEGO Star Wars Ahch-To Island Training set, you can order one now right here. 

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