Survival Quiz City To Launch Dreamhack Beyond Public Playtest

Bandai Namco Studios and publisher Phoenixx revealed today they will be launching a special public playtest of Survival Quiz City for you to try. The two will be working with Dreamhack Beyond to hold a public Steam playtest that will start on Friday, July 23rd, and run all the way through Sunday, July 25th. You won't get to play the full version of the game, but you will be able to try out a lot of what it has to offer while also proving you're the best at the same time. We got more info on the game below, but if you want to take part in the test, go to the Steam page and click the Request Access button near "Join the Survival Quiz CITY Playtest" for access!

How will you do as a puzzle-solving dinosaur in Survival Quiz City? Courtesy of Bandai Namco.
How will you do as a puzzle-solving dinosaur in Survival Quiz City? Courtesy of Bandai Namco.

Compete in the future's most exciting game show! Begin by answering trivia questions correctly. Get the answer right, then equip weapons to attack participants who answer incorrectly as they run through an obstacle course! If you answered correctly, earn coins for successful attacks. If wrong, collect coins on the course. Earn coins, buy upgrades, and try to be the last contestant standing in Survival mode, or the top money-earner after four rounds in Bounty Hunter mode. This major public playtest introduces the new Quick Push Quiz, where contestants answer questions to get an early start on the Dash Quiz that determines who gets weapons and who runs the obstacle course! The playtest also includes new trivia questions and balance changes based on community feedback.

  • First, take a multiple choice quiz!
  • After answering the quiz, you'll be divided into two groups: those with correct answers and those with incorrect answers.
  • If you answer incorrectly, make a mad dash through an obstacle course full of pits, pendulum, precarious platforms – all while being attacked by the other team! Reach the goal and you'll be rewarded with sweet, sweet cash to improve your avatar for the next round.
  • For those that answer the quiz correctly, you'll have access to the finest in loser-stopping weaponry! Earn money by pelting players trying to make it to the goal. Knock them off, slow them down – anything to keep them away from the prize!
  • At the end of each round coins will be awarded, which can be used to buy new weapons and abilities!

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