The A New Glitch In The Sims 4 Where You Urinate Fire

There's a brand new glitch in the latest expansion for The Sims 4 that allows you to urinate fire and no one wants it to be fixed! This week, Electronic Arts released a brand new expansion into the game called Eco Lifestyle that basically allows you to take a more environmentally-friendly approach to how you do things with your Sims in their world. As you might expect it includes things like recycling, growing your own food, and do things that are more protective of Mother Earth. (Sure, its in a video game, but you get the idea. It's to help promote a better way to take care of our own real-world environment.) Unfortunately, or in this case, very fortunately, being a video game comes with bugs. The latest bug to hit the game is a circumstance where your sims can basically urinate fire.

Is this good for the environment? The Sims 4 thinks it might be. Courtesy of @SimmerDmitriy.
Is this good for the environment? The Sims 4 thinks it might be. Courtesy of @SimmerDmitriy.

This isn't a gag or some weird thing where you have to get the characters to do a specific series of events like eating hot foods together. This is a real glitch that affects all characters. As seen on Reddit and Twitter, whenever the character pees standing up, a small bonfire happens in the toilet. The only explanation anyone could give is that there are toilets in the world called the Incinerating Toilet where your waste is turned to ash after being broken down. But that item does not exist in The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle, so unless it's missing from the game, there is no valid explanation beyond the fact its a glitch. Because of this, there is an outcry on social media for Electronic Arts to leave it alone and not fix it. Mainly because people are getting a kick out of seeing it take place. Fingers crossed they do fix it because its dumb and funny to watch every character piss fire like its no big deal.

I think this is my favorite bug of all time from r/thesims

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