"The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr" at E3: "Always Add More Dragons"

In the team highlight reel proceeding the Elder Scrolls Online segment of the Bethesda E3 show, one of the dev team enthused that well, you should "always add more dragons" to your game. And that's exactly what Bethesda has done with the Elsweyr expansion.

After all, it is The Season of the Dragon in game right now as Elsweyr launched earlier this month with a new map, new cat people, a new character class, and a whole ton of dragons.

However, that will be changing as we saw at E3. The CGI story trailer shows us what happens once the Season of the Dragon has ended.

Which is, well, more dragons. And some cool action moves you can't quite pull off in the game, since, well, it isn't an action RPG.

But the legendary Redguard Swordmaster Sai Sahan and the Dragonguard have returned to the Elder Scrolls universe. Yes, Sai Sahan of the original Five Companions. So we hope you've finished the main game campaign

We'll get more information on the Dragonguard and Sai Sahan at QuakeCon this fall.

There will also be a dungeon DLC with Scalebreaker which will come in August and bring new dungeon content to the Elsweyr storyline.

You can check out the new Elder Scrolls Online trailer below.

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