The Entropy Centre Confirmed For PC & Consoles This November

Indie publisher Playstack and developer Stubby Games confirmed they will be releasing The Entropy Centre this November. In case you haven't had the chance to check it out yet, this is a sci-fi puzzle game in which you will be figuring out what exactly happened at this space station orbiting the Earth, where you'll need to reverse engineer your thinking in order to advance through the game. The mechanics for this one are actually pretty dope as you'll use the gun you have to manipulate objects in various ways, including holding them in time and messing with temporal mechanics. Which is a bit of a twist on an old favorite. You can check out the latest trailer down below, as the game will be released for PC and all three major consoles on November 3rd, 2022. You can also try out a free demo on Steam right now.

The Entropy Centre Receives Extended Gameplay Video
Credit: Playstack

The Entropy Centre is a mind-bending puzzle adventure where you reverse objects through time to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles and conundrums. Manipulate time to your will and solve ingeniously challenging puzzle rooms, each one taking you closer to the heart of a colossal space station in orbit of Earth. An extinction level event has set the world ablaze. You appear to be the last remaining person alive. Mankind's only hope lies at the core of the Entropy Centre.

Meet ASTRA, The Entropy Centre's most advanced technical marvel. ASTRA is an AI-powered device that can scan an object's spacetime chronology and move it through the past. Powers include rebuilding collapsing pillars to reheating cups of tea. She's pretty chill. The truth behind The Entropy Centre's imminent collapse, and the Earth's demise, can be found at the heart of this sprawling dangerous facility. But will you accept the unfortunate truth that awaits? Deviously challenging with razor-sharp witty writing and outstanding voice acting performances, The Entropy Centre merges a brilliant puzzle game with an epic adventure.

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