The Hashashin Awakening Has Been Added To Black Desert On Console

Some cool news for Black Desert players as the Hashashin class' awakening is now on both the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game. As the 20th class for the MMORPG, they have the ability to manipulate the power of sand with the power of the Valencian god Aal. They can evade enemies via a skill that allows him to imbue the memory of a specific place in a sandstorm, giving them instantly relocation to that place if they're not too far away. He can also create sandstorms to chase enemies or ambush them from above.

Just look at that stoic pose! Courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
Just look at that stoic pose! Courtesy of Pearl Abyss.

Along with this new class, the console version of Black Desert will receive the long-awaited Dream Horse, Arduanatt. Arduanatt also has a few exclusive skills, such as Wings of the Wind and Wings of Freedom that will make it easier for you to travel and fight. The game will also be celebrating its one-year anniversary on the PS4 with some celebration rewards on both consoles, such as 200 Cron Stones, Valk's Advice +100, and a rare boss chest in the Mileage shop for just 1 mileage. You can read more about the class below with a couple of trailers, and to get the full scope of the update you can click this link for the patch notes.

The Hashashin will make for a mighty quick assassin, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
The Hashashin will make for a mighty quick assassin, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.

As a native of the Valencian desert, the Hashashin travels slightly faster in this environment and is mildly resistant to diseases. He engages in melee combat with a Shamshir curved-sword as his main weapon and main skill, the Descent, is an area of effect attack where Hashashin jumps into the air and slams his Shamshir into the ground, sending out a ripple of sandstorms. Players that want to quickly grow their characters can once again take advantage of recently introduced Season servers. These servers are optimized for fast character growth and after classes have graduated (by hitting a certain level) they can be migrated to the regular servers. The season server is the exclusive source of 'Coco leaves', which can be exchanged for the highly desirable 'weapon exchange coupons' which can no longer be acquired via other means. The coupon allows players to transform their expensive, enhanced weapon into a different type and makes it suitable to be used by a different class. Once Awakened in Black Desert, Hashashin uses his double-edged sword to deliver a flurry of attacks, making quick work of his enemies.

  • Ensnaring Sands – Use Hashashin's powers to shift the sand beneath an enemy's feet, trapping them in place.
  • Constriction  Hashashin can summon sand snakes that will constrict and bind your foe, rendering them immobile
  • The Paradise Surge – quickly close the recent gap between Hashashin and a given enemy to deliver a lethal blow.

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