The Rarest Generation One Shiny Pokémon In Pokémon GO

Shiny Pokémon are some of the most sought after encounters in Pokémon GO. They are rare versions of Pokémon with different color palettes. Generally, the odds of encountering one are one in 450, but there are some species that, for a variety of reasons, are more difficult to find. These are the Top Five rarest Generation One Shinies in Pokémon GO.

The Rarest Generation One Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
The Rarest Generation One Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

5. The regionals

Tauros, Mr. Mine, Kangaskan, and Farfetch'd are region-locked, which means that they can only be caught or hatched in certain areas of the world. They were briefly in 7KM eggs worldwide for their Shiny release, with such a limited time to attempt to hatch these, they are regarded as among the rarest Shinies in the game due to their exclusivity.

4. The costumed starters

Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle are known to rock a hat for certain events, and even full Halloween costumes for others. While the costumed starters have spawned in the wild before, such as their 2020 release with party hats, they are often gated behind raid encounters and egg hatches. Even Squirtle, which was released with sunglasses through research encounters for its Community Day, has become rare in its Shiny form as it has not been made available to trainers who began playing after that date.

3. Shiny Mewtwo

Normally, a Legendary's Shiny release will take up nearly a whole month of the raid rotation. Not so with Shiny Mewtwo. It was in raids for one week during Niantic's Ultra Bonus 2019, followed by a make-up raid hour, and then a short tenure in EX raids. Mewtwo may be the rarest Shiny Legendary in Pokémon GO as a whole.

2. Pichu with the hat

Pichu is only hatchable, so when it throws on a hat for an event, its Shiny form immediatley becomes among the rarest. The hats range from party to Ash, from Santa to witch, from summer straw to winter beanie.

1. Shiny Detective Pikachu

All Shiny costumed Pokémon are rare because of their limited availability, but this Detective Pikachu is so rare that few trainers have been able to provide evidence that it exists. The trainers that got it received it by either pure happenstance or exploiting a glitch. This photobomb-only encounter wasn't supposed to be released in Shiny form, but some players took the photo one minute before the event ended, and encountered the Pokémon the minute it did end, at which point the Shiny capability was turned back on for Pikachu. This left the few trainers who tried this with a one in 450 chance of their photobomb being a Shiny Detective Pikachu, but it has been confirmed as existing. There is no information on whether or not Niantic will ever officially (read as: purposely) release this Pokémon.

Honorable Mentions

  • Abra from GO Fest: It may not be a rare Shiny anymore, but if you caught a sparkling Abra at this event, you were very lucky. Shiny Abra was mistakenly released from Niantic and removed from the spawn pool until it's 2020's Community Day.
  • Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres: These three have been out of the raid rotation for so long that only longtime players have these… well, unless you're one of the few lucky trainers to get a Shiny Legendary from the Research Breakthrough box before Niantic took Legendaries out.
  • Kabuto and Omanyte: Rare spawns indeed and, with their full odds Shiny rate, these are difficult to come by.

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