Ultimate ADOM – Caverns Of Chaos Gets A New Trailer

Assemble Entertainment and Team ADOM have released a new trailer today for Ultimate ADOM – Caverns Of Chaos next update. According to the team, the "Corruption and Hunger" update comes with two new challenging mechanics that will play havoc with your characters, two new playable classes for you to choose from. These classes are the Chaos Knight and the Troll, each with their own bonuses and flaws that will make traversing the caverns interesting. The update will also come with a series of bug fixes and patches. You can read the details below of the patch and watch the trailer showing off the new classes. What's more, the devs will be throwing a special livestream with creator Thomas Biskup on Twitch and YouTube today at 8am PT.

What realms will you find yourself exploring in Ultimate ADOM - Caverns Of Chaos. Courtesy of Assemble Entertainment.
What realms will you find yourself exploring in Ultimate ADOM – Caverns Of Chaos. Courtesy of Assemble Entertainment.
  • New Mechanic: Corruption — Corruption will infect and mutate your character, regardless of class, which can cause nifty mutations and provide powerful new abilities — unless you absorb too much, in which case your character will morph into a quivering lump of ChAoS.
  • New Mechanic: Hunger — Traversing monster-infested dungeons requires nourishment, but due to scarce food supplies, keeping your brave warriors from getting "hangry" and lashing out is a full-time gig.
  • New Class: The Chaos Knight — Much like the Incredible Hulk, the Chaos Knight gets power from the Corruption that infests the dungeons, acquiring new abilities, mutations, and strength — just don't absorb too much, lest you devolve into a useless wad.
  • New Race: The Troll — The perfect class for players who like a ton of destructive power, the troll is ready to bash, smash, and crash its way through the deep dark. Just remember to keep a lot of tasty food on hand, as this level of physical might requires plenty of energy to march onward.
  • New Crafting Feature: Prefixes and Suffixes — With the latest update comes a prefix/suffix system for armor, which means a whopping 200 million potential unique items for players to experiment with, which means no build is ever the same!

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