Ultra Pro Announces Starter-Themed Pokémon TCG Products

Ultra Pro has announced new Starter-themed Pokémon TCG products that are meant to tie into the First Partner Pack series. Unlike many of their releases which use a single style of artwork on separate products released as a single wae, this will be a "First Partner Pack Accessory Bundle" that includes all of the items in a single product. There is no word yet on if these items will get individual releases. Let's take a look at the solicitation.


Starter-Themed Pokémon TCG products. Credit: Ultra Pro
Starter-Themed Pokémon TCG products. Credit: Ultra Pro
Starter-Themed Pokémon TCG products. Credit: Ultra Pro
Starter-Themed Pokémon TCG products. Credit: Ultra Pro

Ultra Pro has released the following product information to retailers:

This special bundle includes one playmat, 65 Deck Protector® sleeves, and one Deck Box® with a matching deck divider. All accessories are packaged in a themed card storage box which holds up to 700 cards sleeved in Ultra PRO sleeves. Accessories feature iconic Pokémon energy symbols and popular starter Pokémon represented from Kanto to Galar. regions. This bundle makes an excellent gift and is a must-have for any Pokémon trainer or collector.

This Pokémon TCG tie-in product includes:

  • Complete trading card accessory bundle for Pokémon
  • Storage box holds 700+ sleeved cards
  • Full-view Deck Box® with matching card divider (holds 80+ standard size TCG cards)
  • 65ct Deck Protector® sleeves made with ChromaFusion Technology™ to prevent delamination
  • Playmat (measures approximately 24 in. x 13.5 in.)

I initially thought that the sleeves would be designed to fit the oversized cards from First Partner Pack, which is a long-overdue style of product, but it appears that is not the case and these will be standard sleeves. Rather than selling items useful for those who bought First Partner Pack products, this accessory bundle is simply thematically tied to the First Partner Pack line.

This line continues the use of standard Ken Sugimori stock artwork for Pokémon TCG products. Fan reaction so far has been mixed, as many wonder why Japan gets character-specific products with new artwork while the United States market gets the same stock art used over and over again.

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