A New Rage 2 Trailer will Premiere During the Game Awards

A New Rage 2 Trailer will Premiere During the Game Awards

The Game Awards is shaping up to be pretty massive this year, and we know there will be several game announcements coming at the show. As of this morning, Bethesda and id Software announced that Rage 2 will be showing off some a new trailer during the award ceremony. In typical Rage fashion, that is.

We honestly don't know what the new trailer is going to be, but gameplay is a pretty solid bet. After all, Rage 2 is a game built on gratuitous violence, gore, and a theatrical flair for the absurd you rarely see off-stage. So the best way to show all of that off is with actual gameplay footage. Plus, seeing the game in action is always enjoyable.

Other fans are hoping for a release date announcement. Putting the release date announcement at The Game Awards would be a pretty solid choice for Rage 2, since its already shaping up to be a massive night in the world of games. And extra attention is exactly what the Rage franchise is built on. Even if the game was originally leaked thanks to Walmart Canada last May.

Considering the fact that the Walmart sub-company leaked a fake date for the Death Stranding release, we wouldn't be surprised to know a few companies are throwing out launch date news just to keep it away from retailer shenanigans.

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