After A Weird Saga Elite: Dangerous Is Coming To Oculus Rift And Here Is A Trailer

Elite: Dangerous has had an on/off relationship with Oculus. It was once a big supporter of the system, backing it publicly early, with there being working versions of it on Oculus Dev Kits. However, that support was dropped when it was announced the Frontier were going to 'side' with SteamVR. It was then announced after that, that the game was actually coming to Oculus afterall, confusing everyone about where they stand.

Well, this new trailer has cemented that it is indeed coming to consumer versions of the headsets. The trailer shows you snippets of everything you can get up to in the game, from blowing up enemies, to trading and savaging. Take a look:

It's good to have this cleared up. Elite: Dangerous is my favorite game to play on the Vive, a strange mix of dog fighting and Eurotruck Simulator. Also, the VR is really impressive. Everything feels massive and weighty, and pulling sharp drops and loops is sure to give you a (fun and safe) sense of vertigo.

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