Ark Developers Reportedly Pay $40 Million In Settlement

ark survival

I'm a big fan of Ark. The game has a bright future ahead of itself if it stays on track.

The game may have just hit a significant speed bump though. There have been talks of up to $600 Million in damages due to Jeremy Steiglitz leaving Trendy Entertainment, while still under a non-compete clause. Well, according to one fan on Reddit (via Destructoid) who claims to have had a private conversation on Twitter with Wild Card Co-Founder Susan Steiglitz, the lawsuit was walked back to the not inconsequential tune of $40 million.

That has to be a really big hit for a relatively small studio. The game has sold incredibly well though, so in theory, it won't be fatal. Still, it could affect development, with the game prospectively set for a full release this Summer. If this is entirely true, will that affect the date? We will have to see.