GoldenEye Getting A Remaster Or Coming To Current Consoles Is A Rights Issue Says Xbox Boss

goldeneyeYesterday, I reported on 30 minutes of footage from a cancelled GoldenEye remaster from Rare. It was meant for Xbox Live Arcade, but never came to fruition.

And the reason for that is the one we all probably expected. Speaking to a fan on Twitter, Xbox head Phil Spencer said that the game is a particularily difficult case because of rights issues. He said:

Honestly, this is totally understandable too. On top of stuff like actor likeness, there are three major companies who'd have to play nice for the game to come out. Nintendo, who own exclusive rights to the game, Activision, who own the rights to James Bond, and Microsoft, who own Rare. GoldenEye is a really complicated cocktail, and honestly, it would take a Herculean effort to get everyone on the same page. Maybe don't hold your breath on this one.

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