Hilarious And Informative Destiny Interview Confirms Paul McCartney Is Not Inside The Traveler

GameInformer are currently running a ton of Destiny: The Taken King content at the moment as the expansion is adorning the cover of the magazine's latest issue.

A ton of information came out last week about voice actor changes, changes to the leveling and introduction to guns and more, but here is something quite entertaining that also reveals quite a bit too.

In this video interview with creative director Luke Smith, GameInformer ask 104 questions in 6 minutes . These range from gold like, "Do you think Paul McCartney's music video is cool?" to more enlightening revelations such as Smith self-deprecatingly saying The Taken King will have a story this time. Perhaps the most interesting moment comes towards the end when it is asked, 'is the Traveler actually evil?' which is a long held fan belief.

That is a might long pause Mr. Smith!