Mysterious Hatch Found in Fortnite Furthers Season 4 Speculation

Mysterious Hatch Found in Fortnite Furthers Season 4 Speculation

The fourth season of Fortnite has been the subject of speculation for about two months now, give or take. And despite being well underway, we've still got a series of unexplained mysteries hiding on the island. From camera crew setups, a massive meteor impact crater, and now a hatch in the Wailing Woods.  The hatch, which you can see above, is a retracting door set at an angle facing upward. There is no way to interact with the hatch, and no way to destroy it. It is an indestructible object. All of this means only one thing: more speculation about a massive change coming to the game in thr future.

Reddit user Ponz000 was the first to make the discoery, and that report shortly made it to IGN.

From IGN:

Reddit user Ponz000 was able to use the replay system to bring the camera underneath the hatch and show that there is nothing but a concrete hole inside, at least for this week. It's also worth noting that a few scribbles and markings can be found on the backside of the entrance.

Similarities to Lost run high. Both Fortnite and the TV show now feature a lone hatch amid a jungle of trees. Both hatches couldn't be opened when found, and there were markings associated with both as well.

While IGN points out the obvious Lost connection, it seems to us this hatch might have more to do with the suspected alien invasion. Either way, we won't know until further on during Season 4, or possibly until Season 5.

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