Rise Of The Tomb Raider Poster Pits Lara Croft Against Hordes Of Wolves And A Bear

2013's Tomb Raider had a habit of really sticking it to Lara Croft. The intense graphic and violent deaths that she could fall fate to were pretty garish.

So a pack of wolves and a bear are probably nothing compared to those horrors. This new poster is part of a quartet that are being created to celebrate Rise of the Tomb Raider release this fall. As Xbox Wire report, each of these posters will have a theme. The first one was designed by Geof Darrow with the theme "woman-versus-wild".

I would have made the addendum, "woman-versus-all-of-the-wild".

DarrowTombRaider_Compressedl (2)

I do like this though. It has a neat style to it and if you frame it, I'm sure it could look pretty rad on a wall.