This Resident Evil 2 Fan Remake Is Looking Very Impressive

When Resident Evil HD Remake came out, a lot of fans were expecting Resident Evil 2 to be the next game to get the treatment. Alas, it was the more obscure Resident Evil 0 next up for the up-rez, leaving some a little disappointed.

Here is something else to tide you over until Capcom one day decide to take on Resident Evil 2. Italian developer Invader Games are currently working on an Unreal 4 remake, putting the iconic game in the recent trappings of over the shoulder camera angle. The game will be free, obviously for legal reasons, and will release this 'Summer'.

Take a look at these videos which go all the way up to the Licker's first appearance. It's strange how much of this game came back to me as I watched this. These titles had a great sense of space.

Thanks to Dtoid for the heads up!