Toy Review: Funko Mystery Mini Retro Games

I'm a complete sucker for blind boxes — especially when they're on clearance at my grocery store and are retro gaming-themed. While I tend to dabble more on the pinball side of things, I do genuinely love retro video games and arcade cabinets. The packaging for this Funko Mystery Mini blind box is awesome — it looks like an old arcade cab, specifically Dig Dug from Namco.

Honestly, Funko did an exceptional job with the packaging. I didn't want to open it just because it looks so cool, but I needed to know what toy was inside. You could get any of the 12 on the back, and I was slightly hoping for Pac-Man.

So, naturally, I got Dig Dug out of the Dig Dug blind box. I didn't buy any of the others, so I have no idea if the Pac-Man box comes with Pac-Man. But this was largely anti-climactic. That being said, the toy is stupidly cute. Look at how determined he is to dig. The design is simple and executed well, and it even stands nicely on his own. For $2, I can't really complain. He makes an excellent addition to my toy shelf. If you find these out in the wild, they are worth buying. I may just go back and get the rest of the set today!

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