The Vive's New Prototype Controller Looks Like It Might Track Your Finger Movements

The Vive's controllers are a strange thing. They absolutely do the job, but they are pretty weird looking and don't really allow you to simulate what your fingers are doing. This is something the Oculus Touch is leaning on in a big way.

Unsurprisingly then, the Vive is going to be putting out a competitor. This prototype has been shown off at Steam Dev Days, and they show something much smaller than the current controllers. Crucially, it looks like you can open your entire hand with the controller without it dropping too, meaning it might be able to track your hand movements as you do them.

This comes by way of Bit Space Dev's Daniel Blair (via Gamespot). Take a look:

There is no window on a release date here, or really any details at all so don't expect these any time soon. These seem very cool though, and could open up a lot of complex input into Virtual Reality for games, software and communication. Bring it on I say.


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