VR RPG Augmented Empire Features Voice Talent From The Witcher And Star Wars

VR RPG Augmented Empire Features Voice Talent From The Witcher And Star Wars

Augmented Empire is a virtual reality RPG set in a cyberpunk world that will be launching on July 13th exclusively on the Samsung Gear VR headset.

Coastink's VR RPG will take you about 10+ hours to complete, and will take you around New Savannah, an island "neo-noir city divided into three tiers by the Citizen Grade System." Whatever that means. But basically it's cyberpunk Miami.

The most impressive feature of the game so far is the voice cast. Vocal talent for the game comes by the way of Doug Cockle, better known as Geralt from the Witcher series, Kate Mulgrew of Star Trek: Voyager and Orange Is the New Black, Nick Frost of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, and Garrick Hagon who played Biggs in the original Star Wars.

Yeah, that's one interesting voice cast.

Gameplay for Augmented Empire comprises of "6 upgradable characters" who you can control across 60 different environments. Gear VR controller support and gamepad support is also included, in case you absolutely despise the Gear VR controller setup – we wouldn't blame you if you do.

Augmented Empire comes to Samsung VR July 13 for $9.99 USD, £7.99 UK and €9.99 EU. And it should do a decent job of keeping you busy while waiting for some bigger-named VR RPGs – Fallout and Skyrim – that should be coming our way soon. You can check out the announcement trailer for Augmented Empire below.

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