Wanna Have A Nightmare? Check Out These Dancing Baby Groots From Disney


Look, I get it. Baby Groot is pretty awesome and cute. Much like everyone else Groot not only made me feel emotions I was not expecting to feel in the first film, but made me enjoy a Vin Diesel performance. We all knew that with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 coming out that they would not make the same mistake they did with the first movie and have a lack of Groot merchandise available. Some of the stuff they have out is awesome, like all the various Funko Pops. Some of it, like these…things are not as cool.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Dancing Baby Groot toyTwo different Dancing Groot toys and a host of other Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars: The Last Jedi merchandise has arrived at Disney Springs. Check out all the loot here: http://ow.ly/TALr30bjTa5

Posted by The Disney Blog on Monday, 1 May 2017

That was posted on The Disney Blog Facebook page today. I am not sure what is worse here: the weird stuffed animal/little baby trapped inside a sack Dancing Groot or the dead eyes plastic one. For creepy-ness factor I will go with the plastic one, those eyes are the kind that will find whatever darkness exists in your soul and try to exercise it out of you. But…the creepy sack looking one has that weird smile on its face, and the way it gyrates its hips… wait, not gyrates but just kinda dips and stands up and stares right back at you while it does it may be worse.

Just do yourself a favor and either get the Funko Pops or if you have the money the life-size version from Sideshow.

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