War For The Planet Of The Apes Does Not Get Enough Funko Love…Yet

Funko has revealed their Pops for the highly anticipated War for the Planet of the Apes film on their blog this morning, and, well, here they both are.

I am a little sad that there are only two Pops coming from this one for now. Caesar is of course a must, and Maurice is one of the better characters from the series, but there are plenty of other apes and even human characters that I was hoping to collect. I am sure these two are being put out to gauge interest, so I hope these sell in droves so we can get even more from throughout the film series. We need Pop Ridez of apes riding horses with machine guns! Why was that not the first thing they did? I need a Woody Harrelson Pop in my life as well please and thank you Funko. I am also a little surprised they do not have any exclusives, it seems like almost every wave of new Funkos these days does. I guess what I am trying to say to all of you is: please go buy these so we can get more. You are my only hope, cash-spending public. These should be hitting stores sometime in the next month.


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