Watch The Making Of Resident Evil 7 – Part One Anyway

Capcom Germany released a Making Of video for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard which shows that the game was much more like Resident Evil 6 early on in development.

Producer Masachika Kawata walks us through the planning phase of RE7 and reveals that the studio had been having difficulty with updating the horror franchise.

"We were still developing the concept with the same kind of mindset" as they had with Resident Evil 6, "but it wasn't really coming together," Kawata said.

Then executive producer Jun Takeuchi stepped in with some ideas. Takeuchi wanted to change the camera to first-person and wanted the focus of the game to be on horror. "He felt we could combine the best parts of classic style Resident Evil with the most modern, cutting edge technology available," Kawata said.

After that, the team felt that they had a clear vision for RE7 and that things just "felt right."

The video also goes into detail about some of the scrapped mechanics and enemy models that never made it into the finished game, including a reoccurring canine enemy and a breath-holding mechanic for stealth. Yeah, originally you'd have had to hold your breath to increase your stealth capabilities. This was scrapped because, as Takeuchi explains, "There would be a limit to how long you could hold it, with a breath gauge on the screen which would go down as you held the button, and if you didn't get past them in time, then the zombies would find you and grab you."

The team scrapped that mechanic because they were worried that it would stress gamers out too much in the real world with having to press a button and follow a breath gauge.

Game director Koshi Nakanishi though, was mostly upset that they had to scrap the dog. "One thing that I kind of wish we could have kept was that the family used to have a pet dog. It was part of the dinner scene, I think. For one reason or another we had to cut it, which is a shame. Thinking back now, I wish we could have kept that."

You can watch all of that and more in the video below.

The video is part one of a Making Of series, so we should be hearing more from the development team about how they went about creating the much-loved Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

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