Weekly One PokéCoin Bundles Return To Pokémon GO

One of the final, missing remainders from the "Pandemic Bonus" era of Pokémon GO has been reintroduced into the game, at long last. Niantic announced this week that they're adding one PokéCoin bundles back into the game.

Pokémon GO logo. Credit: Niantic
Pokémon GO logo. Credit: Niantic

Niantic has re-introduced many of the bonuses that were made live in Pokémon GO when the world at large began to go into quarantine in March of 2020. Now, back in the game for an extended period of time is:

  • Double Incense effectiveness: Spawns essentially appear every minute when Incense is active
  • Buddy will bring you items more often: Currently, "items" means gifts as well as Buddy Rewards, including berries and souvenirs
  • Open 1.5x as many Gifts: Self-explanatory here
  • No walking requirement for the GO Battle League: This "bonus" element of GBL has been around for a longer time than GBL was around without it. Honestly, I'd be surprised if this bonus ever goes away, but only time will tell.
  • Boosted damage from Trainers battling remotely in raids: This is another one I can't see them taking away. It's also an often-misunderstood bonus. Remote trainers don't do more damage than trainers battle at the raid in person. Instead, remote trainers are supposed to do less damage. This bonus gives them a boost to make them equal with in-person trainers. If Niantic removes this and nerfs remote raiding, they'd also severely nerf the amount of money people are willing to spend on raids, so again… not something I think we'll see disappear.

Now, the one PokéCoin box returns for a weekly drop on Monday, likely to drop in the shop at 1 PM Pacific every time. Essentially, this was used, and from the contents of this past Monday's box seems like it will still be used, to supply trainers with Poké Balls without necessitating a trip out to spin stops.

These bonuses are set to remain in Pokémon GO for at least 160 more days.

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